This listing is for 20 INCH  RIMS 20×8.5 Azara 501 RIMS TIRES PACKAGE NEW WHEELS FINACING AVIL  Wheels. This listing is for an order for a set of wheels to be custom tailored for your vehicle, whether it be a BMW, Chevy Camaro, Most BMW’s, Lexus LS460 and other vehicles. Please give us the details of your vehicle and/or customizations on the vehicle so that we can provide the proper offset. Listing price includes wheels and tires, and complimentary lug nuts & locks.

Please be sure to send a message with the details of your vehicles Year, Make & Model. We will message & call to verify each purchase, but will ship the item out if we do not make contact. 

Size : 20×8.5

BP: 5×114.3

Offset: Custom

Finish such as: Black With Machine Face 

Lugs & Bolts: L12x1.5 Closed Chrome Short 6 Spline Acorn 1.42′ Inch Lugs 5745-TWW

Vehicle: 2004 Cadillac Deville, AND MORE!!!

Tire Size: 245/35ZR20

Tire Brand: Lexani LX-Twenty All season Tires

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